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You can.


Often a view from the outside, a surprising question or a change of perspective is helpful and allows us to see more clearly again and change something in our lives.

Would you like to ...

  • bring clarity into a confusing situation
  • make a challenging decision
  • expose recurring patterns in your thought process or actions
  • recognize and understand different parts of your personality
  • discover your resources, talents, and competencies
  • develop visions and
  • find suitable solutions?

This is exactly where I can support you through coaching.

Again and again I experience the "wow-effect" during coaching sessions, when suddenly something opens up and new ideas, clarity and a solution emerge. This is exactly what I would like to pass on to you!

What coaching is for me

Coaching is a process of accompanying someone on a journey in which a picture gradually emerges from a pile of loose puzzle pieces.

The corner pieces need to be in the right place, followed by the edge pieces to set the frame. Then the inside can be filled in. A methodical approach brings order and clarity to the jumble of shapes, colors and images reflected in the puzzle pieces.

My task as a coach is to carefully accompany you as your own picture emerges. I support you as you initiate your decision-making or change processes that then lead you to the appropriate solution. In doing so, you will turn your attention away from the past where problems lie and instead direct it towards your future. The focus is always on what you can influence and change yourself.

How I work

You will be able to look at your situation from different angles and draw from the rich treasure of your own resources and experiences.

I work with a systemic approach: we all live our lives as a part of different systems, such as family, work or friendship circles. Each system is made up of people, relationships and rules that are interrelated and form a whole picture. If one part is changed, this has an influence on the whole. I will accompany you in the process of thinking about the relevant systems and the different parts of your life, leading you to the recognition of their interconnectedness.

It is important for me to create an atmosphere of trust during our time together. I succeed in this with openness and a positive, appreciative, and authentic attitude.

In doing so, I always work with a broad view of all topics, and with the person as a whole in mind.

Why I coach

I have always been motivated by a deep interest in the diversity of human experience, and a strong interest in the unique circumstances of each individual with whom I work.

I see each person as a unique individual with their conscious and unconscious experiences, knowledge, dispositions and resources. I am convinced that every person can learn from difficult situations and has a desire for understanding, development and satisfaction.

Being a leader by nature with a keen eye for details and connections, I can quickly make situations tangible and create a comprehensive overview of those situations. As a working mother, I also bring extensive experience and knowledge to diverse issues and challenges, giving me a broad understanding of both professional and personal issues.

I know from my own experience what it means to find the courage and confidence to engage in change processes and forge new paths. Therefore, it is a pleasure to accompany others in this process and provide help with my process of systemic coaching.

Philine Zimmerli, Coachin

My background

Coach by conviction, passion and own experience.

I am trained as a certified systemic psychological coach OA (Onken Academy, CH) and as a lawyer and advocate (University of Saarbrücken, D) with a Master in Advanced Studies in Children's Rights (University of Fribourg, CH).

In addition to coaching, I have professional experience as a co-managing director in the field of work integration and education, as a division and program manager in an internationally active philanthropic non-profit foundation, and as a lawyer in a business context. Thanks to repeated stays in English-speaking countries, English has become my second language.

Born in Zurich in 1974, I grew up in Germany and have been back in Zurich for 20 years, where I live with two teenage sons. I am a dedicated family person. Movement is as important to me as manual creativity. As a curious person with a thirst for knowledge, I am also a passionate reader.

My broad life and work experience has helped to further develop a crystal-clear analytical mind and empathy, coupled with humor, lightness and a good dose of pragmatism.

My offer

I integrate a variety of coaching methods to suit your particular topic.

Besides the classical coaching methods, I also like to work with

  • visualizations
  • images and metaphors
  • the unconscious (hypno-systemic methods)
  • the knowledge and wisdom of the body (embodiment)
  • object placement

I prefer to work with individuals and offer coaching in German and English.

Duration of a coaching session

  • 60 to max. 90 minutes

Costs per coaching

  • CHF 130.- (60 min)
  • CHF 195.- (90 min)


Contact me by e-mail for an initial consultation free-of-charge.

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